Writing a Synopsis

Now that Dragon is done, I would love to put a synopsis of it up with the one for Butterflies on my synopsis page.  (See that link up there?  Yup, that one.  That’s where I’d put it.)

The trouble is writing it.  I can explain my books in detail to someone who asks, but writing a brief paragraph is tricky.  It has to share enough to get the reader’s interest while at the same time not sharing so much that it turns into a spoiler.  As I worked hard in writing Dragon to reveal information only as the main character got it, revealing anything in the synopsis makes me cringe.

This is my homework for the next couple of days, I guess.  Write a synopsis and have the First Readers review it.  Then I’ll post it for everyone.  I know, I know; you can’t read Dragon yet.  It doesn’t mean I can’t give you a little taste of the concept…