A Quick Butterflies Update

I wanted to give everybody an update on the status of The Queen’s Butterflies.  On Monday it was approved for Smashword’s premium status, which means that it is now in the queue to be distributed to other retailers.  Today it was sent to Barnes & Noble; it should show up on their site for sale in about 2 weeks.  The other retailers are still pending.

As of today, I’ve sold 9 copies.  🙂

I’ve decided to let it ride for about a month, to see how sales go once it’s up on other sites.  At that point I’ll start querying again, although I haven’t decided if I’m going to go for agents or publishers this time.

If there’s still no interest generated by queries by the end of the year, whatever I’ve made on e-book sales I will re-invest into self-publishing for real.

Today I realized that I can say “I’ve been paid for my writing” which is an awesome feeling.  🙂