Tonight’s Assignment

Yesterday I decided that I would come up with a list of writing-related assignments for myself, as a tool to kick-start the creative process.

The most logical first step is to review the existing documents.

When I wanted to get back into Dragon (after finishing With Honor) I re-read the handful of existing chapters and several character and plot outlines.  There is a danger in this, as ideas and concepts shift over time and it can skew away from what is already there.  If there is too much time between the last time I addressed the story and this time, things are less than useful and could have a potentially detrimental influence.  There were two documents from the original idea for Dragon (from years ago) that made me question what I was thinking.  Those got tossed, needless to say.

It hasn’t been that long since I shelved Chasing, though, so I should be able to get some hints of inspiration from the documents I have.  If I have the time (maybe Friday?) I might also re-read Butterflies.  It seems like reading the first novel before diving into the sequel might be a good idea.