A Sign That I Should Be Writing

I am running low on post ideas for the blog.  Somehow I have managed to make it past the mid-point of July only missing one day (I shake my fist at you, March 12th!) but now I am in danger of having nothing to say.  There is only one thing that can be blamed for this.

I’m not writing.

This is supposed to be a blog about adventures in writing and publishing, which means that the posts should reflect said concept.  (I’m pretty good at stretching it sometimes, but it is always vaguely related.)  With Butterflies available for sale and Dragon complete, there’s not much to talk about until I actually start working on Chasing or on a short story.

So this week, I’m giving myself daily assignments.  I’m going to use them to nudge my mind into being creative again, and as a very natural place to start every evening when I sit down to blog.

Tonight’s assignment?  Create the list of assignments!!  🙂