Listening to Feedback

My First Readers have lived up to their roles once again.

I got feedback from the third person to read Dragon a couple of days ago.  It was no surprise that some of the comments were echoes of the first two.  The biggest question everyone has: Why doesn’t the main character get more awestruck or surprised when she meets elves and goes to Erova?

It’s pretty clear that my concept of this world and what I actually managed to get down on paper are not quite matching up.  This is a gate world.  Imagine that the city in the story (which is a little like but also different from Houston) has gates throughout it to another world.  Humans can’t access them, since they don’t have magic, but elves can and do come to Earth on a semi-regular basis.  In a world like that, Erova (the other world) is kind of like Tibet: you know it exists, you occasionally see Buddhist monks, you might dream of going there, but only a few people actually visit.

Clearly, that common knowledge of the characters is not clear to the readers of the story.  It might be time for me to return to Dragon and fix a few things, or at least make some notes so I can remember the ideas when I revise it again in a few months.