Writing Outside of Your Realm

I am currently reading a book by one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey.  She is a prolific author with a multitude of series and words, but her first and arguably most popular world is that of Valdemar.

The book I’m currently reading is not of Valdemar; in fact, it’s one of her stand-alone books called The Black Swan.  The only other writing that she’s done related to this is a short story about one of the side characters that appears in a collection called Flights of Fantasy.

It’s always interesting to read a work by an author you like that stands free of their usual worlds.  That’s how I feel about Dragon; even if every other story and book I write (at least for a while) is set in the world of Butterflies, I have ventured beyond my created realm to write about other characters.

I write and read fantasy to visit someplace other than the real world.  Going beyond the world I’ve created is another type of freedom.

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