I’m Not Looking!

I am not a patient person, which has been established before.   I also have a terrier tendency; I’ll get hold of something and worry it to death. 

With these two tendencies, I have been obsessing about the stats for Butterflies on Smashwords.  (It’s currently at 6 purchases and 9 downloads, if you’re curious.)  The stats haven’t changed the last three times I checked.  Neither has my premium status.  It’s still listed as pending approval.

I’ve decided that for my sanity and in order to make it more exciting the next time I check, I’m not allowing myself to look at Smashwords until tomorrow evening. 

Here’s hoping that a few more copies are purchased between now and then!  (Do you have yours yet?)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catana
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 19:23:07

    You might as well relax. Getting approved for Premium is taking at least two weeks right now. Mark says they’re working on cutting it down to five days. I’m on day eleven, so I know how you feel.


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