Deciding What’s Next

The first draft of Dragon is done.  I have to let it sit without touching it or really thinking about it for a while, so I can do a major revision with fresh eyes in a couple of months.

The Queen’s Butterflies is now officially available for download from  Getting it ready is the other project that has been keeping me busy.

The new girl, while intriguing enough to keep my brain working while hiking, has proven to be part of the sequel to Butterflies.  This means that I can write parts of her story, but it won’t stand on its own.

The characters from Dragon have settled down, the characters from Butterfly are still a bit quiet.  This leaves me in a good place to officially choose what to work on next.  As is typical for me, I can’t do just one thing.

I’ve decided that I want to take the three short stories that are Butterfly related (Burden of Knowledge, Bonded, and With Honor) from Serial Central and turn them into a collection to sell on Smashwords.  Just like with Butterflies, this is a formatting and revising task that won’t tax the creative side of my brain.

On top of that, I think I’ve committed to working on a first draft of Chasing Butterflies.  Several of the interwoven stories of the sequel are intriguing to me, and I’m guessing that the number of people requesting the sequel is only going to grow as more people read Butterflies.  A friend at work told me to be careful and take my time; lots of authors rush the sequel and it ends up feeling forced.  I know that the overarching plot for Chasing is strong, and it has more than one tale to weave in.  I’m looking forward to playing in the world of Butterflies again, with old friends and new characters alike.