Creative Once Again

I went hiking this morning.  I was in a funk yesterday and decided that the best medicine would be a walk in the woods.  It helped a lot, plus providing some good exercise, but something surprising came of it as well.

The new girl’s story began to unfold.

I shouldn’t have been surprised, really, since I’ve already discovered the link between my brain and my feet.  I wasn’t expecting it to come back to life so quickly, with so much on my mind and no set story to work on.  I won’t complain, though, as I got a lot of the plot figured out.

I do have one small dilemma with the new girl: how to spell her name.  I want to pronounce it LIE-la (as opposed to LAY-la) but the way I want to spell it, Laila, lends itself to either pronunciation.  The only spelling that’s explicit about pronunciation seems to be Lyla, but I don’t like that as much.  It may just have to be Laila.

I’ve figured out quite a bit about her, and it turns out that one of the characters from Butterflies is going to play a role in Laila’s story as well.  One of those lovely “a-ha” moments just hit me as I started typing this post; if this story comes after Butterflies (which it does) and includes a character from Butterflies (which it does) it is very possible that this could be one of the myriad plotlines in the sequel.  I’ll probably write out what I have and then see if it will fit as Chasing Butterflies takes shape.

It’s so exciting when a story starts to come together!  🙂