Just Make It Happen

The last couple of mornings I’ve woken up feeling less than stellar.  Tired, sore, and generally blah are really good excuses to use for not biking to work.  Wednesday I figured that part of the problem was that I’d had poor sleep and hadn’t really exercised while my sister was here.  Today I know the fault lays entirely with my dog (who was incredibly irritating last night and kept waking me up).  It was incredibly tempting to just take the excuse and hop into my car.

I didn’t.  On both days I forced myself to get out of bed and onto my bike.  Do you know what happened?

I felt better when I got to work.

Why does this relate to writing?  Easy.  Sometimes things come up and your habit of writing a scene or two every day gets interrupted.  After a few days or even a week of not writing, your mind doesn’t want to do it anymore.  It seems useless and perhaps even painful to sit down and force yourself to write.

Guess what?  You’ll feel better if you do.

The longer you let yourself slide into not writing, especially without deadlines or readers or any other impetus, the longer you’ll end up going without writing.

So, if you find yourself without motivation, make it happen anyway.  Push through the struggle.  The stuff you produce might not be up to your usual quality and you may have to trash it, but who cares?  The point is to find the rhythm of daily writing again.  You’ll be glad you did.

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