Comparing Dragon and Butterflies

Early on in the writing of Dragon I created a post comparing my two novels.  Now that the first draft of Dragon is complete, it might be fun to do anothercomparison.

To be totally fair, I’m comparing both first drafts: Butterflies has gone through a major revision, which increased the word count and changed the chapter numbering.  As Dragon is just barely finished, it will have to wait a bit for a revision.  (I like to give it a few months so I can look at the manuscript with fresh eyes, as well as feedback from First Readers.)

Without further ado, here is a fun comparison of the two manuscripts!

Word Count (rounded)
Butterflies: 102,000
Dragon: 49,000

Random side note: I was curious to see if Dragon would count as a novel, with its low word count.  It turns out that the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America classify anything with more than 40,000 words as a novel.  Yay!  That means I’ve completed two novel manuscripts!  🙂  Now, let’s continue the comparison.

Number of Pages (single spaced, hard returns at the end of each chapter)
Butterflies: 201
Dragon: 98

Number of Chapters
Butterflies: 50
Dragon: 29 and a prologue

Writing Time (actual, from the start of really working on the story)
Butterflies: 8 months
Dragon: 2 months

Thinking Time (starting with the original concept in my head)
Butterflies: 2 years
Dragon: 8 years

Dragon is shorter, as I thought it might be, but it also has a lot fewer characters and only a couple of sub-plots, whereas Butterflies has at least 6 intertwining storylines (depending on how you count them) and a huge cast.  Butterflies already has 3 related short stories and potential for another, as well as a likely sequel.  Dragon has two possible short stories and an excerpt from a scientific paper.

The reality is that both were fun for me to write, and I am glad to be finished with both.  Look for a synopsis of Dragon soon!


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