The Sister Speaks Up

An interesting thing happens when I give a character a voice: sometimes they use it.

I’ve mentioned before that I write in third-person subjective voice, meaning that we know everything that is going on from one character’s point of view.  In Dragon I was more attentive to this, even using terms and names that were appropriate in the non-dialog part of the story.  For example, the dragons in my book refer to themselves as Khai.  When the main character is scolded for calling herself a dragon (it’s considered close to a derogatory term), I quit using the word dragon in any scene that was from her perspective.

For the big fight scene that I am still writing, I wanted to use “dragon” again.  This meant picking a character who would use that word, and the main character’s (human) sister seemed like a good choice.  We hadn’t seen her point of view much at all in the story, so I hadn’t really gotten into her personality much.  Surprise, surprise: once I started watching the fight through her eyes, she spoke up.  She’s added an interesting twist to the fight scene along with the possibility of her own short story, sequel-style.

I really should learn to keep my characters in line.

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