No News Is No Thank You

We’ve reached the eight week mark for my last active query letter.

What does this mean, you ask?

It means that the agent in question is not interested in my novel.

Part of the system I used to decide who to query had to do with how they respond.  I gave preference to agents who actually respond, interested or not.  While I understand it, I’m not a huge fan of the “I will only reply if interested” concept.  That kind of leaves me wondering, you know?  Fortunately, the agent in question has an automated response to queries (which means I know she got it) and a deadline for responding (which means I know it’s a “no”) so I guess no response technically counts as a response in this case.

The only other agent on my current list was not accepting queries as of the end of April.  I’m debating if I should continue to query agents at all or maybe switch to publishers.  The turn-around time is much longer, but you never know.  A direct approach may work for me.

For now I’m hoping that the e-book will do reasonably well, and sales numbers might give a boost to my query letter.  I think I’ll focus on getting that up and available before I start querying again.

Just because agents don’t enjoy the book shouldn’t mean it’s not available to interested readers!

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