Girls with Great Dads

My dad is awesome.  I grew up as a tomboy who loved being outdoors, and my dad embraced this fact.  He never complained about having two daughters and no sons; instead, he took me to college basketball games and taught me how to keep score.  He accompanied me on scuba trips to local lakes even though it must have been ridiculously boring for him most of the day.  He challenged me intellectually and complimented me on my smarts.  Most importantly, he never told me that there was something I couldn’t do because I was a girl.

There are two girls in Butterflies who are lucky enough to have fathers modeled after my own dad.  One of the men makes a compromise with his wife, allowing his daughter to have the same tutors and training as her older brother until she turns eight.  The other girl has an even cooler dad: Matthew Lewis, the main character of With Honor.  His daughter grows up with four brothers and no mother.  When she decides that she wants to be a soldier and follow in her dad’s footsteps, not only does he encourage her, he trains her so she can be the best.

Just like my characters, I know my dad always believed I could do anything.

I love you, Dad!  Happy Father’s Day!!


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  1. stvsgrls
    Jun 19, 2011 @ 18:51:34

    Thanks,I love you!


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