Choosing a Point of View

Now that I know everything about the plot of Dragon, I need to decide which point of view to use for each section.  While I know every detail about the action, I prefer to write in third-person subjective rather than third-person omniscient, and that requires choosing a character to give us a point of view.

What?  You’ve heard those words before but can’t remember what they mean?   Okay, I’ll explain it briefly.

Third-person omniscient is when you have access as the reader to the emotions and thoughts of everyone in the scene.  As the writer, this means I can tell you what every character is experiencing at the same time.

Third-person subjective, which I prefer for Dragon, is from the perspective of one character.  One person’s thoughts and emotions are readily accessible, while we have to figure out others’ reactions from their words, tone, and facial expression.  I sometimes drift a little into omniscient, but if I can catch it I try to keep it subjective.

As with most fantasy, Dragon is not always from the same person’s perspective.  Most of it is through the eyes of our main character, but occasionally there is a scene without her that requires the view of someone else.  I also like to switch perspective occasionally when another character’s opinions or experience are more useful or more interesting.

This is why I need to make some decisions for Dragon; the next part involves a lot of action, and I might need to switch several times to get all of the good stuff included.  Switching can be tough on the reader, so it’s always best to change perspective as few times as possible.  I think I’m going to flesh out my current outline with some more details, and play with point of view as I work on it.

That, or I’ll just dive in and see who has the best view of the scenes as I get to them.  🙂

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