A Picture’s Worth…

Photos have become my newest concern when it comes to Butterflies.

First, a friend of mine did me a fantastic favor and took some photos of me.  One of them will be my official “Leigh Townsend” image, at least for now.  I have a poll going on my Facebook page to get some help choosing between the four I liked best.  Once I have picked one, I’ll post it here so you can see it, too!  (Or you could vote, if you’d like!)

I also need to take a photo (and probably crop it) of the map that goes along with Butterflies.  The general consensus from those who have read the manuscript is that I need to include the map in the e-book.  As the only scanner I have easy access to does not create a usable format (it only makes PDFs), taking a photo seems like my best option.

On top of that, I will also need to photograph the cover art.  Once it’s been turned into a digital file (it’s a painting right now) I’ll have to edit it to add the title and my name.  It needs to look like a book cover, after all!  Again, when the cover is complete I will post it here for your enjoyment.

Who knew that converting a typed document into another kind of typed document would take so much in the way of pictures?

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