Why Am I Telling You? You Wrote It!

One of my First Readers for Dragon is very enthusiastic about her response to new pages.  This morning she came in and we spent several minutes discussing the most recent chapters, as well as some of her concerns and speculation about upcoming events.  After a bit she caught herself (in the midst of describing what happened) and said, “Why am I telling you?  You wrote it!”

In the process of writing and sharing Butterflies and Dragon, I have discovered an interesting quirk of human behavior that I should have noticed before.  People want to talk about the books they read, especially as they are reading them. 

My mom liked Butterflies so much she got permission from me to share it with her book club.  One of the people who has read Butterflies told me that she found herself wanting to share with her sister about the happenings in the story, only to realize that her sister wasn’t reading the book!  She has since been added to the list of people encouraging (pestering?) me to get Butterflies turned into an e-book so she can share it with others.  This drive to share is how some books take off; word of mouth is often the best advertising.

As for my effusive First Reader, I assured her that our conversations about the book are exactly the feedback I am looking for from her.  It lets me know how my characters are developing and if I’m sharing enough (or too much) information about the plot.  Plus, the encouragement I get from her positive feedback keeps me writing!


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