New Girl in Town

There is a new character in my head.

I did not ask for a new character, but really, I didn’t ask for many of my characters.  The first two I developed for Dragon (way back when I first moved to Texas) have turned out to be side characters, and the main character didn’t even exist when I first came up with the tale.  The original idea for Butterflies came to me out of nowhere, and my favorite character in that book was an afterthought who made me go back and add a chapter to what was already written.  I’ve even had a story hijacked by a necessary but minor player who really wanted me to tell his side of the story.  So it should come as no surprise to me or anyone else that another character has shown up in my imagination.

I don’t know much about her yet.  I don’t even know where she belongs – she’s not from the worlds of Dragon, but she could live in Diaea (that’s the place Butterflies is set).  She could also be from someplace else entirely.

All I have so far is an image of the girl, a single action, and the accompanying emotion.  Perhaps with a bit of prodding I can find out more about her.

In between all the other writing I’m doing, that is.  Hopefully she’s a patient character, instead of being pushy like some of my others.


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