I have a lot of books…

Somehow the idea that my apartment needed a good “purge” has wiggled itself into the back of my brain.  When the urge first struck, it was intense – I nearly grabbed a garbage bag and started pulling clothes for donation then and there.  It’s mellowed somewhat, but it still surfaces from time to time.

What does this have to do with writing?  Not much, since my writing takes up very little in the way of physical space.  What it really relates to is reading.

I have a lot of books.  There are two large bookcases that live in my apartment, and they are nearly filled with books.  One shelf is National Geographics (I whittled that down to only one decade when I first moved in), one is college textbooks.  There are four complete shelves of fantasy, along with another partial shelf.  There are books about science (mostly animals), writing books, books of and about Shakespeare’s works, and random books I liked when I read them.  I even have a collection of children’s books and another of coffee-table books about animals.

I’ve had to purge my book collection before.  As a child, I continually ran out of shelf space.  In fact, that’s the reason my parents first got me these lovely big bookcases.  When I got married, we trimmed the collection, although technically it grew at that point, and the divorce trimmed it again.  (That second trimming was both leaving his books behind and selling some of my own.)  I have to admit, book purges are painful.

The more I look at them, though, the more I realize that most of them will not be re-read.  Technically, the National Geographics are almost all available online or in digital format.  There’s really no point in saving books that I won’t read again.  On the other hand, there is a case for keeping books that are work or writing related, to use as a reference.  A few books with sentimental value (such as the collection of kids’ books) can have shelf space reserved for them as well.  That little voice has been pestering me, though; it might be time for another purge.

Of course, once I clear out shelf space, it tends to lead to the acquisition of more books…


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  1. It's Me
    Jun 09, 2011 @ 22:08:50

    I have a hard time getting rid of books too. Mostly, I think of my bookshelf as my trophy case.


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