A Moment (or three) of Panic

I rode my bike to work yesterday.  This is not an unusual occurrence lately, as I am trying to lose some weight, but it is pertinent to this tale.

As I left work, I noticed a lot of sirens.  Now, I live and work near the Texas Medical Center; ambulances are common.  These, however, were fire truck sirens.  The air also smelled like a campfire.  Looking around, I tried to find the associated smoke cloud.

Imagine my moment of panic when I discovered it was in the general direction of my apartment complex.

Three thoughts flashed through my head almost immediately.  The first was “What stuff do I have with me?,” followed closely by “MY DOG AND BIRD ARE IN THERE” and ending with “Oh, no, my writing!”  This is when I realized that there was nothing I could do even if it was my apartment, which it might not be, so I needed to focus on the road in front of me for now.

Here is where my brain started the multi-directional, tangent-filled, rambling worry.  Whenever it pulled back around to my story, I recalled that I had backed up my Dragon files the night before – onto my spare hard drive that was also in my apartment.  Granted, there are two hard copies of the current version of Butterflies and two partial copies of Dragon at my office; as much as it would suck to retype both novels, at least they wouldn’t be lost forever.  It’s all of the background material for Butterflies and the unfinished, developmental stuff for Dragon that I was worried about.

I am sure that you can understand my (somewhat guilty) relief when I turned the corner and discovered it was the apartment complex across the street from mine that was on fire.  (The guilt was for feeling glad at the expense of someone else.)  The traffic around the area also made me grateful for my bike, with which I zipped by the line of cars I would have been sitting  and worrying in.

It may be time to consider another way to backup my story files…


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Nicole W
    Jun 08, 2011 @ 03:28:23

    You might want to look into online storage sites.


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