When It Rains, It Pours

As it has not rained much at all in Houston recently, this post is clearly not meteorology-related.  (Though you probably wouldn’t put it past me at this point, right?)  Okay, so the title is an old cliché, and as writers we don’t like clichés, but in this case it fits.

About two hours ago I turned my brain to working on Dragon.  I thought I was stuck.  I know what happens, I know where we need to go, but I felt like there was a chapter missing between the two I had (18 and 19, for reference).  Not only that, but something needed to happen between 19 and the next major event in the book, but what?

In pondering how to resolve this, a floodgate opened, a rush of ideas poured through, and when the clouds cleared (ok, enough water metaphors!) I had not only discovered what to put between chapter 18 and what is now chapter 20, but I also had a good idea of what would be included in Chapters 21 and 22.  Since 22 is the next major event, that chapter is already mostly written.  In reviewing what was written, I also found a necessary discussion that needs to happen, and conveniently I already had a scene where it fit like a puzzle piece.

Somehow I found my way from two chapters and stuck to five chapters in various states of completion, but all with a clear idea of the content.  In less than two hours.

Clichés are mildly acceptable when they are apt.  With Dragon and my creativity, when it rains, it pours.


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