Putting Insomnia to Good Use

Last night I couldn’t sleep at all. I watched a movie, which usually helps me fall asleep.  I read, but that just got my mind going more (which is somewhat unusual).  I even tried the trick I learned from a sleep expert: count backwards from 300 by threes.  No luck.

Around 2:30 I finally gave up and decided to put my sleeplessness to good use.  For the next three hours I read the Smashwords guide to formatting and put it to use on Butterflies.

That’s right, my formatting is done.  🙂

I just need to write my “about the author” bio for both the Smashwords website and the end of the book, and get a few links added.  Once I have that and my cover art, I can submit the whole thing to Smashwords for e-publishing.

While it feels good to have accomplished all of that, I am now hoping I can recover that sleep.


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