The Unwritten Chapter

Chapter 16 is my current challenge in Dragon.  I’ve written 14, 15, and even 17, but 16 is not my friend.

It’s not that I don’t know what happens.  I’ve outlined it, and I even know some very specific details of the action and the conversation.

The trouble comes when I try to start writing.  That beginning scene is tripping me up, making it very difficult to get any of the chapter written.  Theoretically I could simply skip the part that isn’t coming and move ahead in the chapter; I’ve already moved ahead in the book!  Somehow, when I sit down with Chapter 16 open, nothing happens.

This has happened to me before, with nearly every story I’ve written.  There’s that one section that gets me stuck.  If I can find the first sentence or so, I’ll be good.  The next installment to my readers isn’t due until Tuesday morning.  Here’s hoping 16 decides to fall in line before then, or they’ll only be getting a few pages this week!


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