You’re an Author? Cool!

When people find out that I am an unpublished author, they are usually intrigued.  (I’ve switched from “aspiring” to “unpublished” because I’ve been told that aspiring authors have ideas but haven’t really written anything.  I’ve completed one novel and started another, so I can legitimately be an author – I’m just not published yet.)  Most people know someone with great ideas for stories, or even someone who has developed characters and a plot but not actually written the book.  (Dad, I’m looking at you.)  The idea that I’ve completed an entire novel and started another, unrelated one usually brings on questions.  These tend to fall into three types.

What’s your book about?

This is a dangerous one.  The quick answer of “it’s a fantasy novel” is enough for some, but if you get me started, be prepared.  I am very passionate about my stories and my characters, and you may have to tell me to shut up when you’ve heard enough.

How do you write your novel?

I get a lot of technique questions, because for a lot of my friends the concept of composing a document that is 200 pages (single spaced) is quite intimidating.  These are sometimes specific (“Do you use an outline?  Do you already know how it ends?”) and sometimes they are general (“Where do you get your ideas?”).  Often I’ll answer the questions and end with “This is what I blog about.  You should check it out!”

What are you doing to try to get published?

These are the questions I have fewer answers for.  If it’s about my personal process, or why I chose the route I did, I can answer those.  Specifics about the publishing industry are challenging, seeing as I only know about it from my side (as an unpublished author trying to break in).  If this is merely a case of curiosity, an “I don’t really know” will suffice.  For those who are truly interested in the process, they’ll have to get a better source than me.


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  1. rbhatch
    May 25, 2011 @ 18:09:45

    As a first time, and very recently, published author I well remember the frustration of rejection slip after rejection slip. I was just reading a blog from a new publisher. I’ll give you the link to check them out if you want. Good luck.


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