You Didn’t Bring a Book?

I am usually in the possession of at least one book at all times.  Reading is a great way to fill the time when waiting in line or sitting by yourself in a restaurant.  My friends and family have noticed this about me; my mom even bought me a purse because it was the right size for a paperback.

Recently I’ve been more lax about carrying a book, to the surprise of the people who know me.  Partly this is because the book I am reading, while interesting, hasn’t really grabbed me yet.  I’ve switched back to non-fiction while working on Dragon, and while I enjoy it, it isn’t as attention-grabbing as fiction.  The other reason for the lack of book is also Dragon-related.  You see, with my brain so actively engaged in the creation of Dragon Pendant, I don’t really need to carry a book around.  I have one in my head.