Discovering a good time to write

I usually try to get some substantial writing done on my weekend.  The problem that I run into is finding the motivation to get words on paper.

My weekend days usually start with the dog waking me up earlier than I would have liked, followed by a quick trip outside.  You’d think I’d just go back to bed, but unfortunately my parrot gets noisy once he realizes that I’m awake.  Typically at this point I just park my still-tired self in front of the TV for “just one episode” of whatever it is I’m watching on Netflix.  Of course, one episode leads to another, then another, and there goes my motivation for the day.

This weekend I discovered a better way to write.  If I start the day by writing, instead of watching TV, I find that I can get a chapter or two written before my stomach starts to insist on breakfast.  This is an excellent way to not only make some progress on the story but also to encourage my brain to continue creativity throughout the day.

It won’t be possible on days when I have to work – I won’t be happy if I have to get up early to find an hour for writing – but it is definitely going to help with the weekend writing.  So far my motivation to write after work has been pretty high; I’ve mentioned before that my brain loves this story.

Who knows?  Between finding this technique for my weekend and working on the novel during the week, I might have this book done before the end of the summer.  🙂


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