You know you’re a science nerd when…

One of my first readers is a science nerd like me.  Today she proved it by asking about the genetics of my main character in Dragon.

Yes, she asked about genetics.

You see, there is a complicated biological situation in Dragon.  (I’ve explained this in detail in a previous nerdy post about genetics.) I tried to keep as much of the complicated genetics out of the novel as possible, while still answering the “how does a dragon have a human mother?” question.  One of my first readers, who is not a scientist, seemed to think I had succeeded.  My other first reader, the scientist, asked me if we’d ever get more explanation of the science that’s only explained as “complicated genetics” in the book.

While it won’t be explained in the book, I do know how it works, so I explained it to her.  We also discussed the other questions that came up as a result of the explanation.  At the end of this discussion, I suggested that maybe I should write it up for other readers who might be equally intrigued.

I personally like the idea of a fake research paper, complete with invented citations, for the scientifically curious.  I wouldn’t be the first author to take that route; Michael Crichton did the same thing with Eaters of the Dead, even admitting in his author’s note that he forgot which citations were real and which were his own creation.  I’m not going to interrupt the flow of my novel-writing, but it is a fun concept to consider once the novel it done.

To add a random note: the Dragon First Readers Club is now up to 3 members.  The husband of one of my readers asked today if he could read it, too.  🙂 I told you it would grow…


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