Writing Challenge – Leigh Townsend

It’s only fair for me to participate in my own writing challenge!  If you want to participate, find out more here.  This is a side character from the new novel I am writing, Dragon Pendant.

My name is Nicolette, but all my friends call me Cola.  For most of my life I’ve been mistaken for an elf.  You see, I’m tall and skinny, with no curves to speak of, so I superficially look like one of them.  My eyes, also elfin, are ice blue, pale enough to be almost white.  Still, my dark hair should be a giveaway, since everyone knows elves are almost always blonde or silver-haired.  It bothered me at first, especially when it provided fodder for bullies in school, but I’ve come to accept it.  I live in a gate city, after all, where people expect to see elves.  It might be different if I lived in a community farther distant from Erova, but this is my home and where I choose to stay.

This is a good place to live for someone in my career.  I’m an artist, a painter to be exact, and my art is primarily abstract.  Recently my work has been getting some recognition; many paintings have sold, and I had my first solo show six months ago.  That’s where I met my boyfriend Eli, which in itself is a funny story.  He is an elf, although his intense purple eyes are very unusual for his people.  He came to my show and mistook me for another elf.  Like I said, it happens frequently.  Imagine my surprise when someone started explaining my own work to me!  His embarrassment was endearing, and the vivid color of his eyes took my breath away.  We’ve been together ever since, and he’s even taken me to Erova a few times.  His mother terrifies me, but his sister and I have become good friends.

It’s nice to be included in his family, as I don’t have much immediate family of my own to speak of.  I am an only child, and both of my parents are gone.  My father died when I was in junior high, and my mother passed away a few years ago from cancer.  She nurtured my love of art and encouraged me to pursue my dreams.  I was so pleased that she lived long enough to see my first paintings sold.