Tonight the role of the dragon will be played by…

As previous posts have mentioned, I am a very involved author.  I speak dialog aloud, I feel the emotions of my characters, and I even physically act things out.  When it comes to action, I need to see and feel it before I can write it.  Up until now it hasn’t been too much of a problem, since most of my characters to this point have been human.

It’s different now that I’m writing a major battle scene between two dragons.  All of the previous flight and fight action has been relatively simple; I’ve been able to extrapolate it from actual bird behavior I’ve seen.  The most complicated scene was a mock-fight between the two main characters, but even that was mostly flinging magic attacks at each other.  I didn’t include a great deal of description about the physical action.  Once I hit this big fight, though, I got stuck.  How am I going to write something that needs to be detailed and intricate and that involves something I am physically not capable of acting out?

Running through some possibilities, it dawned on me.  The answer is stand-ins.  I’m going to attempt to create the scene using two of my (small) collection of bean bag animals.  A fox and a saluki will be playing the roles of two dragons, at least for this battle.  I haven’t tried it yet, but at least I have some place to start!