Writing Challenge Guest – Nicole

Hi, my name is Nicole and this post is my response to Leigh’s challenge.  I live in Illinois, in the Peoria/Bloomington area.  I have been writing on and off since high school.   I am an avid book reader, my favorite genres being fantasy, science fiction and murder mystery. I am also one of Leigh’s friends from college.

My name is Stella.  I live in the country of Markelli, in the royal city of Amshala. I am fifteen and I am a mage.  With my friends, Joselyn and Olyvia, I help keep the streets of Amshala safe from rogue mages and supernatural beings, as well as your average thieves and slitthroats.  There is one man in particular that I wish to catch. He is a rogue mage that targets young girls. The man is known only as the Shadow Hunter. I was almost one of his victims. I bear a scar on my right wrist as the result of our first encounter.  It was also the first time that I used my powers on a large scale.  At the time I had no control over what I was doing and I nearly burned down the warehouse that we were fighting in.

Catching this man is no easy task, since Markelli is primarily an anti mage country. To keep a low profile, we do our work in the evenings. Of course this is when most miscreants are up to no good. During the day, the three of us work in different stations of the palace. Joselyn works as a maid, Olyvia works in the stables, and I work in the kitchen as well as in the laundry station.

Olyvia has a gift for seeing magical residues. We met after my first encounter with the Shadow Hunter, about five years ago. She noticed a residue on the warehouse and found me hiding nearby. She also helped me get the job at the palace.   Olyvia also got Joselyn a job in the kitchen a few months later.  Joselyn and I did not get along well after we first met. Joselyn has a rather bossy and opinionated personality, while I tend to be the confrontational type.  Upon our first meeting, I was so angry with her that I ended up pushing her into to the wash water. She later retaliated by having all but one of my dresses and shifts cut to shreds and had the remaining ones washed in itch weed and peppery spices.  Olyvia, being the peace keeper that she is, got us to call a truce before things got too out of hand.  Joselyn and I decided, however, that in the event that one of us should be apprehended for using magic, it would be best if people still thought that we were not friends. So now whenever we are in public it is said that we fight like two rival alley cats.  Joselyn started working as a maid because the head cook was convinced that we would end up killing each other if we continued to work in the same area.

All three of us are orphans. As for myself, I was found as an infant on the door steps of the church orphanage. The only thing I had with me was a necklace that has a small pink multifaceted gem stone in the shape of a heart.  My powers were locked inside this stone. I can only use them when I am wearing the necklace. Though it can be troublesome if the necklace is not there when I need it, I find that it gives me the opportunity to fell normal during the times when I don’t need it.

If I had to describe myself, I would say that I am average.  I am not too short or tall.  I am definitely not a buxom beauty, but on the other hand I do not have the looks of something you would find living under bridge in the darkness. I am slender of build and I have long dark blond hair, hazel eyes and a slight olive complexion.  My friends say that I never think before I act, but I believe that it is better to not let an opportunity pass me by.

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