Is this a novel or a puzzle?

I have been ridiculously productive on Dragon Pendant lately.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m not working on a short story, if I got a huge amount of inspiration on my retreat, or if my brain just really likes working on this novel.  No matter what the cause, I’ve been writing some on the story almost every night and new ideas keep popping in my head anytime my brain has a lull.  It’s kind of exciting, honestly.

The next section of the book is a sampling of snapshots of the learning, lessons, and training of the main character.  There are many interesting scenes that occur in this section, and this is the bulk of my current inspiration.  This is also the “guts” that go between major landmark chapters that are basically already written.  I think the section is really fun; there’s a lot going on, we learn a lot about our main character, and we get to see her relationships grow.

Of course, nothing comes without a challenge, and here is mine: piecing all of these snapshots into something that retains its coherency.  It almost feels like the easiest way to do that is to draft all (or at least several) of the scenes, and then lay them out like puzzle pieces to see how they best fit together.  I’ve made it a point to at least list all of the moments I’d like to write, so I don’t lose any, but they may not all make the cut in the end.

Do you have any good examples of books (or stories or movies) that have handled this type of situation well?


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