Working Ahead

While I am a notorious procrastinator, it is always a pleasant surprise when I find myself completing something before the deadline.  That weight off my shoulders is so freeing!  My recent retreat and increased effort on Dragon Pendant have helped me in that realm here.

This post is set to publish on Wednesday, and yet I am writing it on Sunday.  With nine posts plus story chunks in my hands when I came back from my retreat, I’ve been writing ahead nearly every time I get on to blog.  This is fantastic – it means that I don’t have to worry about blogging every day.  I do get that little panic moment when I realize I haven’t logged on, but a quick glance at the calendar confirms that I don’t need to stress.  It’s already written (and probably already posted).

I’ve also developed a habit of writing more than one post when I log on.  I think it coincides with that benefit of journaling that authors always cite; your brain learns to write when you sit down if you train it long enough.  I get set to blogging and my mind starts generating ideas for posts.  Makes it easier for me as well as letting me stay ahead!

I’ve also been working ahead a little in Dragon, too.  I may not have the next couple of chapters written, but several major scenes (primarily arguments and other dramatic moments) have already been drafted.  Granted, this means they end up needing a lot more revision when I get to them, but at least I have milestones to look towards as I write.

I really hope I can keep this up.  It will make the writing part of my life less stress right as my regular life is gearing up for our most stressful season at work!