Writing Challenge Guest – Barbara G. Tarn

Barbara G.Tarn is a writer, sometimes an artist, mostly a world-creator and story-teller. She’s been building her world of Silvery Earth for a number of years – stories comprise shorts, novels and graphic novels. An indie published author, she blogs at http://creativebarbwire.wordpress.com/

Hello, my name is Ludwig and I’m a character from a graphic novel. My author picked me up from the limbo of characters waiting for a story along with four friends of mine back in 1998. For a year or so, all she could do was gather us! OK, she was working on another, very dramatic graphic novel. But eventually she got back to us. US! Our story was titled “Mercenaries?!” (yes, punctuation included – we weren’t really mercenaries), but she called us her Sweeties. We spent so many years (and 500 pages…) together… She told (not always very well, she should actually rewrite it, tsk!) our story, sharing ten years of our life and enjoying her first comedy very much. When she wrote “The End” she was so devastated she kept drawing us for another year. She even started to re-draw our story in color. Heck, she even wrote a screenplay, hoping to see our animated version! It went nowhere, of course. She wrote a novel version as well, but it sucks. And now she uses our faces for another graphic novel (original title “New Mercenaries” – how unoriginal is that? Luckily she changed it to SKYBAND), a “serious” one, she says. Me think she should just quit. Or get back to us, if she really loves us. Introduce us to the world in technicolor… but she’s too busy to give us a second chance, sigh! Now that she has the technology to make us world famous (and I mean famous outside of our times and our world, Silvery Earth… how cool is that?), she forgets her Sweeties! Bad, bad author… sigh!

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Barbara also provided a pic of her characters, check it out!

Mercenaries?! in the limbo. l. to r. Winged Brandret, Brianna, Ludwig, Birdsong and Maxian