Moving My Stories

I’m considering moving my stories over from Serial Central, or at least putting copies of them here.  It’s just a matter of figuring out the best way to handle it.

I could post them here as serials again, as they are in the right format from Serial Central.  The trouble is that those of you who wanted to read them in serial probably already have, and if you haven’t read them you probably don’t want to wait week after week if you can just go read them in their entirety on another site.

I also don’t want to take up weeks of Sunday posts with old serials.

I could just add them as pages, or post them each as their own huge post with an old date, so that they are available here but not really in the way.  It seems like the best way to handle it.

The biggest challenge now is all the cutting and pasting to make it happen.  🙂