Falling Asleep

Last week I began the Campaign for More Sleep, an effort to get myself to go to bed earlier and actually get some decent sleep, at least during the work week.  This has been very helpful, and I’ve been pretty successful at the effort.  One side effect I’ve found recently is difficulty falling asleep.

When my brain is running in its hamster wheel at night, I have found that giving it something to focus on is a good way to calm it.  One of my first ventures into writing as an adult came from this effort.  Sleeping in my first apartment on my own proved a challenge (lots of things to worry about!) so I began creating characters in my head.  It worked in two ways, helping me to quiet my mind and starting my creativity flowing on a story.

The last couple of nights I’ve revisited this technique.  Working on With Honor as I fall asleep is not the most efficient way to create the story, since I tend to drift off mid-thought, but it has proven an excellent way to get myself to sleep even when my brain isn’t ready for bed.  It also keeps my mind working on the story, so when I sit down to write the next section, there are ideas at hand.