Bribing Myself to Write

I enjoy writing.  I like the writing I have to do at work, I like blogging, and I love working on my stories.  You would think all this enjoyment would mean that I’d be perfectly willing to write when necessary.

You’d be wrong.

Writing, while enjoyable, requires mental exertion.  It takes a lot more brain power than sitting on my rump in front of the TV, and more physical effort than sleeping.  Right now couch-sitting and dream-chasing are two of my favorite activities.  (Needless to say I have not yet developed my writing-as-work schedule.)  This means that sometimes I have to bribe myself to write.

These bribes are usually as simple as “when you finish the next section of your story, you can watch another episode of Monk” or “write your blog, then have a treat.”  It seems silly and backward, but when the writing is *required* my drive to complete it is reduced. 

Tonight I need to finish the next section of With Honor.  I’ve already formulated it, even beyond simply what’s going to happen.  I have the first paragraph fairly complete in my head.  At this point it is just a matter of converting it from thoughts to an actual document.  Unfortunately that process is nearly the last thing I want to do right now, right behind cleaning and anything that requires leaving the apartment.  It still needs to get done tonight, though, no matter how much I want to avoid it.

I just have to figure out the right bribe.


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