Steps to a Story: Waking Up

When last we left Matthew in With Honor, he had passed out from pain, blood loss and exhaustion.  As this story is from his point of view, the next section must start with him waking up. 

No, I’m not going to tell you where he wakes up, or what the situation is, since that is the point of reading the story.  😉

Here is my small dilemma: I have only once in my life passed out, and it was not due to any of the same causes as Matthew.  (If you must know, I was horsing around with some friends and one of them put me in a sleeper hold that was a little too tight.  College makes people susceptible to stupidity, and I am afraid to say I was not immune.)  This makes the first paragraph of the section difficult for me to write accurately.  Once he’s awake, there’s no problem with the story, but I want to spend a couple of sentences (at least) describing the transition from oblivious to aware.

This may require some research.  Have any of you passed out due to pain, exhaustion, or blood loss? If you remember how the awakening felt, please share!!