Dangerous conversations, or talking about my book

Do you know someone who is really passionate about something?  You know, that person who, once they get started talking about their particular favorite topic, you might as well get comfortable because getting them to stop is the hard part?  I know three people like that, and we’re all related: my dad, my sister, and me.

My dad’s passions?  Floor safety (slip/fall prevention) and new cleaning technologies. I once heard him gush about a new robot he was testing that tests the slip coefficient of a floor, something that combines both of these things.  I love listening to him, but I often get lost in the conversation.  My sister’s topic of choice?  Choreography.  This means any choreography, not just her own.  She’ll describe dance moves from musicals, imitate performances, and critique movie choreography.  Fortunately I share some of this language, as I danced and choreographed in college.

I have three or four passions that I get excited about, and today I got to talk about one of them: birds.  I was invited by my cousin to be a guest speaker for his Ornithology class, and it was fun to talk about birds and birding and falconry and birds as pets and – you get the idea.  The other fun thing about visiting my cousin is that we both have a wildlife science background, so we speak the same language.  I don’t have to explain or define the big science words I like to use when I can.  (Of course, when my mom and sister and his wife were around, we were nice enough to define the terms for them.  Lingo and jargon can be very excluding in a conversation.)

Another major passion of mine is writing.  If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a while, you probably realize that I can talk excessively about my writing and my stories.  I’ve created a standard answer when people ask about my book; I tell them it’s a fantasy novel, light on magic and with all human characters.  If they ask for more detail, I always give them fair warning.  When I get started talking about my story, I might be difficult to stop.  Just be prepared to get way more detail than you wanted.