I’m not good at this day

I wanted to write a fabulous April Fool’s Day post, which would have been totally convincing and then surprised and pleased you at the end with the big announcement that it was a joke.

Clearly, this is not that post.

You would think that a writer of fiction would be very capable of creating something good for April Fool’s Day.  The problem is that my creativity gets a bit out of hand.  Everything I thought of fell in to one of three categories: so outlandish no one would believe it, so pleasant that everyone would be disappointed that it was a joke, and just plain lame. 

Even when I’ve tried to do in-person April Fool’s Day jokes, they’ve fallen flat.  I have a very bad poker face; I can’t manage to keep from letting my face show the truth of what I’m doing.  And again, I have the same difficulty coming up with a good joke that people fall for but then are happy it isn’t true.  I guess this just isn’t my gift.

The folks who run WordPress are skilled, though; I logged in to find a HUGE spike in visits, only to discover it was a clever joke from the stats people at the site.  Very funny, WordPress staff.


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