My Second Job

I’ve been considering the idea of getting a second job.  I don’t need it, but some extra income would be nice.

This thought, however, made me realize that writing is supposed to be my second job.  It doesn’t bring in income, but if I want to be a serious author I should be committing the time to it that I would to a career.  I like this idea better than getting some unpleasant job selling clothes or flipping burgers, even if it does mean sticking a little more tightly to my budget.  As of right now I can’t say that I’ve been writing as a job – it’s been more of a hobby up to this point.

So, with this thought, I am drafting a work schedule for myself.  I will aim for about 8 hours a week to start; hopefully I can get into a routine and maybe add some more.  Will you (my wonderful readers) be my boss?  I’ll figure out a way for you to keep me on task, as part of my plan, and I’ll let you know what your committment will be in this process. 

And now, to work!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Barb
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 03:36:15

    And then find a neat cover and put it out there on Smashwords… it WILL bring in a second (smaller) income! 🙂
    Happy writing!


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