Making a Second Copy

In every office there are things that are the hot topic of conversation.  There are TV shows that everyone (or almost everyone) watches, so the day after the show airs you know what the talk will be about.  There are movies that coworkers go to see together or quote like crazy.  And there are also books that get passed around and recommended until everybody has read them.

Right now in my office, my manuscript is one of those books. 

Unfortunately there is currently only one copy of my manuscript printed, at least in my possession.  (I think my mom has a few copies of the first draft, and two friends have their own copies.)   As each person at work reads the manuscript, the list grows by two or three people.   After the current reader is finished and I have the copy back, I’ve decided it’s time to make the noted revisions and print another copy.

This would be so much easier if the book was published already.  🙂


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