Steps to a Story: When Life Gets in the Way

Even when you have the best of intentions about working on a story, you can get derailed when life has other plans.

Tonight I planned to sit down and work out the still-elusive details of the next two sections of With Honor.  (They are linked, cliffhanger-style.)  I do hope to have a section written for Sunday; once I get this part worked out, the writing should be downhill after that.  Even if I hadn’t gotten to the writing tonight I was at least going to hash out what happens.

Tonight life happened to get in the way.  A friend asked for help, and I gave it.  This help happened to require most of my evening, leaving little time to write and no time to engage my brain on the story.  Fortunately, I still have tomorrow night to work on the story, barring any further crises.


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