Missing Your Target Audience

Today I watched one of my favorite Disney movies, The Emperor’s New Groove.  It is an awesome movie that most of my friends agree is highly entertaining.  Of course, it includes llamas (one of my favorite animals) so I love it. 

The movie, for all its wonderfulness, has never been very popular.  The problem is that it misses its target audience.  I know a few kids who have enjoyed it (the offspring of one of my friends quote it all the time) but most kids haven’t seen it or don’t enjoy it as much as adults.

It doesn’t have a princess (or even a love interest) and, while adults find it quite humorous, most of the jokes are lost on the younger crowd.  As one of the peripheral goals of Disney animation is the sale of all the accompanying stuff, missing the age bracket that inspires toy and clothing purchases pretty much doomed it to being one of those “hidden secret” Disney movies.   

As an author it is important to remember my target audience.  I know full well that my book (and accompanying stories) are female-driven.  While I won’t discourage my male friends from reading it (although none have to date) I am prepared for them to not enjoy the story as much as my female friends.  I would never presume to force my book on someone who wouldn’t enjoy it.  Of course, with little to no magic, it may also be lost on a lot of fantasy fans.  I don’t mind that, though, since it seems that it has found favor with non-fantasy readers. 

Perhaps I’m targeting the wrong group of agents, in that case.  Maybe I should be looking at general fiction agents, although convincing them to take a chance on something that looks like fantasy might be tricky.

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