Writing Practice

The water gently fell on her head, her hair muting the impact of each stream.  The sound of the falling water echoed from inside her head and outside her ears.  She reveled in the cascade of warmth that fell across her shoulders, the torrent splitting and splitting again into tiny rivulets all across her body.  The enclosed space gave her a feeling of solitude, a place to reflect.

After a few moments, she set about the business of bathing, scrubbing hair, soaping skin, her mind meandering through her day.  Cleansed, she increased the heat of the water and paused to simply soak in the warmth.

Quiet, her mind adrift, she released the tight hold she had kept on her emotions through the day.  Unbidden, a tide rose and brought tears to her eyes.  She let them fall, let the sadness well up and wash over her cheeks as the water washed her skin.  She stayed still, allowing her feelings full control for a minute, two.  Eventually the tears slowed and the water cooled.  She waited a single moment more, collecting herself, before turning off the water and reaching for a towel.

Her sadness had dissipated, released by her tears.  She stepped from the shower, her place of solitude, clean and lighter of heart.


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  1. Tammy
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 12:57:06



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