Off in my own little world…

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before, or maybe even used it yourself.  “Oh, she’s just off in her own little world.”  It’s usually said in the context of someone whose attention is not in the present moment; perhaps she is daydreaming, or thinking about something with particular intent, or even just drifting off for a moment. 

When this is said about me, it is quite possible that my mind really is in its own world. 

I’ve found that I get so wrapped up in “writing” in my head that I can do routine physical tasks without thinking about them.   The words so consume my mind that I lose track of time or miss that it’s my turn at the counter.  My best thinking place is in the shower; there are times that I don’t realize how long I’ve been letting the water run until the hot is gone and the cold shocks me back to reality.  This isn’t a big deal unless I am trying to shower quickly so I can meet up with friends or make it to a movie; it’s a very good thing I shower in the evening, since I can imagine how many times the distraction would make me late to work!

I love that I have other worlds where my mind can wander; it’s probably what will keep me writing even if I am never published.  🙂


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