Just water it on payday

My friend Jack is addicted to plants.  It seems a strange addiction, but he does not argue with me when I say this. 

I, on the other hand, kill plants, generally from benign neglect.   My pets sometimes have to remind me to take care of them.  A plant will not remind you; it will simply suffer in silence until it dies.

(As an amusing aside, my parrot has a great way of telling me he needs clean water: he starts to bathe in the dirty stuff.  Since he makes soup in his bowl using his pelleted food, I do not want him flinging the water full of colorful, mushy bits everywhere.  Therefore, my immediate reaction is to change his water.  He has me well-trained.)

I recently accompanied/chauffeured Jack around town on a quest for a rex-type begonia.  (In this quest I was the amusing sidekick and my car played the role of trusty steed.)  In the process I ended up with a plant.  It is a Tiger Jaw (a type of succulent) which was promptly named Rawr.  Jack convinced me that I only needed to water it on payday, so it wouldn’t really be that hard to care for.

This convinced me for two reasons.  One, it showed me that it probably really was easy to keep a small plant.  Two, and more important, I could easily add it to my routine.

I am the kind of person who needs routine.  If something is not part of my routine or it is not written down, it may get forgotten.  That’s part of why I can maintain a blog.  If I write everyday, then it is a habit and I (typically) remember it.  If I were writing a couple of times a week, however, it would soon become once a week, then once every two weeks, then “when did I post last?”  The key for me is to make something a part of my routine.  Adding “water Rawr” to the existing every-other-week behaviors (specifically, filling out my time sheet and changing to new contacts) means that I am more likely to remember.

Which means Rawr is more likely to survive.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. YerMom
    Mar 17, 2011 @ 06:43:13

    Just wondering – does Jack name all his plants?


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