The Holy Grail of Blogging

Two of my friends (I’m assuming Paul and Shea are okay with it if I call them my friends) recently achieved the holy grail of blogging: they crashed their host server.

These two wrote a book entitled Interpretation By Design and author a blog of the same name.  They write about the graphic design elements of many things, and as they are both baseball fans they often post about this as well.  Paul recently took up the challenge of creating a baseball-related flowchart; specifically, it helps you decide what team to cheer for.  Well, this little flowchart went crazy viral and the post got so many hits it crashed their host server.  The blog has been temporarily suspended, until traffic dies down, so the other blogs and websites that depend on the server can continue to work.  In the interest of helping I’m not going to link to their blog in this post.  (Shea and Paul, I will add a link to your blog once it is up and running once more!)

However, the flowchart was moved to Flickr, so if you want to see the cause of this craziness, look here

Going viral and getting so many hits your server can’t handle it is the best prize in this reality contest we call blogging.  A blogger never knows what will go viral, what idea or comment or shared epiphany will resonate so well that everyone feels the deep need to share it with everyone they know.  Most of us don’t write with that goal, which is probably wise.  The posts we write trying to reach that level of reader response tend to feel forced and fall flat.  It’s the random, odd things that we do for fun (or in response to a challenge) that click.   

A common item of advice given to new authors is to write the book you want to read.  Don’t try to write to the trends, to what’s popular now.  Write what you are passionate about, write what you enjoy.  The same applies to blogging, and really any endeavor we take on.  Passion makes it real, makes it appeal to others, and gives it value.

** Update: Interpretation By Design is back up and running!  Here’s the link:


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