Is it Sunday again already?

I know it has been mentioned in a couple posts this week, but I was out of town for a bulk of the week.  I did post things in advance, so you wouldn’t be without reading material, and I got some new ideas for blog posts from my trip.  There is one thing that slipped through the cracks, though.

I didn’t write any fiction.

This may not seem like a big deal, but this morning I realized that it’s Sunday once again.  Sunday means that there should already be a post with the next installment of With Honor.  I haven’t written one and I’m guessing it won’t get finished today.  I can’t force the writing; if something comes, I’ll get it posted, but if not I’ll just have to wait.  I will try to post a section later in the week (with another on Sunday) if I can make it happen.

Writing is fun and my brain works on stories all the time.  Unfortunately, the procrastinator in me traps them in my head when I need to get them out.  Finding a way to circumvent the procrastination is always a challenge, but I’ll keep up the effort.

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