A lot of the books about writing (and even my high school English teacher) recommend journaling as a way to work on writing.  I’ve never been consistent at keeping a journal, but if I was it would be similar to this blog: writing whatever happened to come to mind.  It might even be a bit more random, since here I try to write about writing.

Some people use journaling differently.  It’s more of a diary, a record of their day or their thoughts and feelings.  Some people even use a journal to work out their feelings and for self-reflection.  I’m good at expressing myself in writing, but not at figuring out my emotions or how my psyche works.  That’s easier for me to talk out – I’ll even talk out my story if I’m having trouble with it.  That’s one of the things I value about my friends: their willingness to let me talk their ear off.  🙂

self-reflective or otherwise, blogging is about as close as I get to journaling.  I always set out with good intentions when I try to journal, but never have the follow-through to do it everyday.  An audience works wonders; I’ve been very consistent all year blogging.  🙂  Thanks for letting me “talk” your ear off, too!

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  1. mishibone
    Feb 23, 2011 @ 18:24:38

    I think you’re right — that different people journal different ways. I don’t think there’s any right way or wrong way, at least not in MY mind. And blogging is one way to journal, so if you’ve kept at it a year, you’re journaling.


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