Steps to a Story: The Benefit of Deadlines

I really haven’t worked on With Honor much this week, although to be fair I haven’t really written much this week.  It has nothing to do with being blocked.  I started the next section of the story earlier in the week, but it isn’t finished.  The real reason for this is because I have been a combination of two four-letter words: busy and lazy.

This is where the beauty of deadlines comes in.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  Sunday is the day I post the next section of With Honor, generally around 8am on Serial Central and 9am on here.  (Really, I have to post it in advance and schedule it for those times, which means the deadline is even sooner.)

The looming deadline demolishes the four-letter words.  If I’m busy, I make time to finish the section.  Laziness is no match for guilt and the expectations of others; it simply vanishes in the face of a deadline.  Fake deadlines don’t work; they must have something riding on them.  In this case, I have readers who might call me out if I am late.

Last night I worked on the section for tomorrow, and I plan to finish it shortly.  Deadlines are my friends; without them, I might or might not get any writing done.


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